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Our practice specialises in numerous areas of law, and we offer a range of services designed to meet your needs. Whether you require representation over a workplace dispute or have a case for claiming compensation and require legal advice, we are here to meet your needs. Read below to find out more about our services or call us on 09 426 0480.

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The Law & You

Life often drifts along until something untoward happens. It usually results in a dispute, which can be very costly.

Some disputes can be avoided, for example selling your house or other real estate. Before signing any contract or agreement (including an agency agreement) speak to your lawyer, to determine, what exactly you are selling and if you have the power to sell, you may have forgotten that you have an agreement giving someone a first option or there may be other interests. Sort these out first and avoid the costs.

A traffic offence can cause hardship, remember the law has remedies that can often be invoked to remedy this.

Always see a lawyer early, not when the dispute arises or the hearing is about to take place.

Employment Law

Unlawful or illegal termination of employment, or unfair dismissal.
Workplace Safety.
Bullying at work.
Non-payment of wages or benefits.
Don't wait, time is important - see a lawyer immediately.


Many look at compensation referring to personal injuries only. In fact, compensation refers to all pecuniary losses however they occur. Often these can arise from a contractual issue or from someone's negligent or deliberate act.

Insurance Law & Claims 

There are many occasions when a dispute arises in respect to a claim or the level of coverage or whether the "broker" is, in fact, a "broker" or the agent of an insurance company. 

The expense of litigation can be extremely costly particularly if the action is not brought properly and so the loss already suffered is made worse by then incurring the insurance company's legal costs.
Insurance law & claims

Criminal Law

This area of law refers to all actions by Government agencies (including the Police), not just major crimes such as Murder, Theft, Arson etc., but also, traffic offences and common assault and similar offences.

If you are charged by receiving a notice in the mail, don't think that if you ignore it, it will somehow go away. IT WON'T.

See a lawyer.
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