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At Kimbers Lawyers, we provide a wide range of legal services specialising in employment law, criminal law, insurance, personal injury and compensation. Below, founder Adrian Kimber explains a little more about the role of a lawyer for clients who may be unfamiliar with legal practice.

The Practice of Law

A lawyer who has been admitted to practice law is an Officer of the Court. As such the lawyer owes a duty to the Court to act candidly, honestly and not to waste the Courts valuable time.
This duty is the only duty a lawyer owes.
Popular belief is that lawyers owe duties to their clients. These duties are, in fact, obligations imposed on lawyers by the Courts.
Legal Professional Privilege, is the privilege afforded to the client. It is there so that a client can candidly discuss his or her issues and be given frank and unbiased advice as to the legal issues the client needs to be aware of. A lawyer, cannot and must not be party to a criminal offence either in its preparation, planning or aftermath. A lawyer is sworn to uphold the law, a lawyer cannot practice if he or she has a criminal record.
A good lawyer will be open and frank in their advice. A good lawyer will not tell you what you may want to hear. A good lawyer will not become emotionally involved in your dispute as to do so will prevent the lawyer from acting objectively, thus bringing about the best result for you. That is why good lawyers will, on occasion appear to be aloof, and will not be interested in irrelevant issues.
Sorry, but I'm that kind of lawyer.
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